Pictionary World

A fun team game of drawing and guessing pictures.

Play Pictionary

We believe that the real fun is when we meet up with friends face to face.

Therefore, even though Pictionary World is online, you will not play online here :)

Pictionary World is a words generator and a timer. No other props will be needed to play.

Well, except maybe a piece of paper and something to draw.

Use your tablet or smartphone.

Pictionary World works on all mobile devices: tablets and smartphones (like iPhone, iPad, Android devices), so you don’t need to have a computer at the place where you play. Meet up with your friends. At the end of the day, once in a while you need to get away from the computer. :)

The rules of the pictionary game

Pictionary is a team game. The main element of the game is guessing the drawings. In each round every team guesses a word or phrases, presented by one of the team members on a piece of paper. During the drawing, the use of words or making any sounds that can help to guess the phrase are not allowed.

During drawing it is not permitted to make any gestures or write words.

Dodaj hasła

Add new ideas

In the database there are currently around 1000 ideas for the game of pictionary in categories: Idioms, Movies, Professions, Objects and others. We realise that the number of unique phrases in the pictionary is a key issue. We would be glad if you helped us build a database of exciting pictionary ideas. If you have an idea for an interesting riddle, you can add it here.

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